Completed Projects

Here is a list of some of our completed projects

Victoria Plaza

NET PMC Ltd. Completed Projects Reference List

Project Main Contractor Architect Package Value
Wandsworth Riverside Quarter 5C/D GallifordTry CJCT Architects £7,000.000.00
NEC Resort World GallifordTry Benoy Architects £9,000.000.00
5 Broadgate, London Mace Construction MAKE Architects £15,000.000.00
49 Conduit Street McLaren Construction EPR Architects £3,000,000.00
Wayland House, London Wates Construction PRP Architects £7,000,000.00
1 & 2 New Ludgate, London Skanska Construction FPA Architects £20,000,000.00
20 Eastbourne Terrace Wates Construction FPA Architects £12,000,000.00
Queensgate Peterborough Clearline £2,500,000.00
Vicarage Gate London Sisk Construction Eric Parry Architects £4,000,000.00
Forbury Place, Reading GallifordTry Aukett Architects £4,000,000.00
21 Station Road, Camb Wates Construction TP Bennett Architects £1,500,000.00
Moorgate Exchange, London Skanska Construction HKR Architects £6,000,000.00
Sea Containers House, London Byrne Group TP Bennett Architects £11,500,000.00
1 Wood Street London Bovis Lend Lease Ltd. Fletcher Priest £5,200,000.00
Sedley Place Oxford Street GallifordTry Construction Fletcher Priest £3,500,000.00
Hans Crescent London GallifordTry Construction Paul Davis & Partners £1,100,000.00
King William Street GallifordTry Construction ESA £2,300,000.00
Colmore Plaza Birmingham Bowmer & Kirkland Aedas £5,100,000.00
Telestar House London Sisk Construction Ltd. Fletcher Priest £350,000.00
Watermark Place London SRM Ltd. Fletcher Priest £30,000,000.00
10, Eastbounre Terrace London Wates Construction Fletcher Priest £4,000,000.00
30, Eastbounre Terrace London Wates Construction Fletcher Priest £3,500,000.00
Abito Project Carillion Construction BDP Architects £5,000,000.00
Riverside Quarter London ISG Construction Carey Jones Architects £18,100,000.00
Pentonville Road HGB Construction Darling Associates £5,500,000.00
Belvedere House, Manchester Wilson Bowden Construction Ltd Aedas Architects £7,000,000.00
Brooklands B&K Construction Carey Jones Architects £3,000,000.00
Longmartin London Wates Construction £4,000,000.00
ISTC Hospital Stevenage Carillion Construction £1,900,000.00
City Of London Academy GallifordTry Construction Swanke Hayden Conell Architects £2,000,000.00
Dover Street London GallifordTry Construction Squire Architects £1,900,000.00
Hester Road London Concentra Formation Architects £1,100,000.00
Vauxhall Sky Gardens Mace Construction CJCT Architects £10,000,000.00
2-12 High Street Stratford Galliard Construction Stock Woolstencroft Architects £12,000,000.00
Angel Court, London Mace Construction FPA Architects £20,000,000.00
Parnell House, London Kier Construction MAX Architects £8,000,000.00
Buckingham Gate London BAM Construction FP Architects £19,000,000.00
8 Salisbury Square London BAM Construction TP Bennett Architects £6,000,000.00
55 Gresham Street ISG Construction FP Architects £9,000.000.00
Mapleton House Pocket Living £4,000.000.00
Lyric Square Overbury Construction Stiff & Trivillion £3,000.000.00
15 Bishopsgate Brookfield Construction Stiff & Trivillion £6,000.000.00
150 High Holborn Brookfield Construction Stiff & Trivillion £10,000.000.00
R1 Kings Cross BAM Construction £9,000,000.00
ARM, Cambridge Kier Construction Ltd £6,000.000.00