Net PMC Ltd has a fully equipped workshop where we can undertake mockups and load testing of various elements.

- Neil Tolley, NET PMC Director

Doorway Facade

Inspection Execution

In order to manage and execute surveys and inspections NET PMC Ltd has acquired and uses the following off site and on site equipment.

On Site
Interpretation of calculations and design solutions are offered as required.
CWCT hose testing equipment fully certified and calibrated for leak investigation.
Merlin glass testing equipment for measuring thicknesses of units coating types and surfaces established toughened, annealed and laminated glass.
Isograph paint thickness detector for establishing finishes on ferrous and non ferrous materials.
Destruction test equipment for establishing adhesion of finish.
Torque wrenches and drivers or various types for establishing installation of systems and fixings.
Digital camera for inspection and recording of findings.
Temperature and relative humidity gauges for determining cause of internal condensation on frames.

Based on findings we are able to determine how façades are performing and are likely to perform with various enhancements.

Off Site
AutoCAD 2011 for design and reviewing drawings.
2D Thermal Analysis software for U Values, heat flow and condensation risk analysis.
Dew point version 3 for determining surface and interstitial condensation risk within various wall constructions.
JPA EPC SAP version 9.81 for determining surface and interstitial condensation risk within various wall construction and SAP calculations.
H Client 4.1.0 glass calculator which allows the design of a DGU to determine light transmittance G values and U Values of units existing and new.
Mechinfo which allows us to calculate barrier loading, wind loading, floor loading, etc. pertaining to glass construction.
Schuco software for Ixx values and U values.
Technal software for Ixx values and U values.