NET Project Management has the facility to offer full thermal calculations to demonstrate that designed curtain wall and window systems are thermally compliant with the contract specification.

- Colin Sansam, NET PMC Director

Camden Drum Glazing

Thermal Calculation Services & Software

NET PMC Ltd uses finite elemental analysis software "Flixo Professional version 7.0" from Infomind for it's thermal calculations. Flixo is specifically designed for 2 Dimensional thermal simulation and analysis of façade cross-sections, and produces reliable thermal hygro data and frame U-values according to EN ISO 10077-2.

This software has been validated by performing the ‘ten examples for the validation of the calculation programmes’ from Annex D- British Standard EN ISO 10077-2:2003. Material properties such as thermal conductivity (λ values) used in these calculations have been taken from BS EN 12524:2000, BS EN ISO 10077-2:2003 or directly from the Flixo software database.

All materials used in the construction are listed along with their design thermal conductivities. Thermal conductivity information has also been taken from product suppliers’ own databases in the case of the material not featuring in the British Standards. The sources of information are also supplied and confirmed. Product suppliers have to provide this information to comply with Part L1 & L2A of the Building Regulations. The equivalent thermal conductivities of ventilated and unventilated air cavities and grooves are treated in accordance with BS EN ISO 10077-2 2003 automatically by the Flixo program.

Thermal cross section of aluminium